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Dear Members,

With Boris Johnson’s announcement last night, we will be opening the golf course from Wednesday 13th May 2020.

In line with guidance given by Government, England Golf and the PGA, to ensure the safety of our members and staff, this will work as follows:



• The clubhouse will remain closed, but the toilets will be open for members.

• Clubhouse access times are 07:30am – 18:30pm.

• Members must adhere to the social distancing rules and ensure they wash and sanitise their hands before entering the toilets. (Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance to both the men’s and lady’s locker rooms).


Prior to lockdown, the club introduced the following procedures and will continue to maintain these to ensure your safety whilst playing, these are:

• Flagsticks are to be left in at all times and are not to be touched.

• Upside down cups will be in operation to prevent players having to put their hands into the cup.

• Rakes have been removed from all bunkers.

• All bins & ball washers are not in use.

• Benches have been removed


To ensure we comply with all the safety measures put in place by the Government, England Golf & the PGA you will not be allowed to turn up at the club and play golf or use the practice ground without booking.


• All golfers must book a tee time to play golf using the HowdidIdo system.

• The booking system will be live from 07:00 am Tuesday 12th May 2020.

• Bookings will consist of a maximum of 2 golfers per tee time. (3 or 4 Balls would congest the course to much and create problems with social distancing).

• There will be 10-minute intervals between tee times.

• Golfers will only be allowed to pre book 2 rounds in 1 week to ensure everybody gets a chance to play.

• If there are any free times on the day, you will be able to call the shop and book these times.

• Each member will only be allowed to book a tee times in accordance with their membership category:
o 5 Day Member – Allowed to Pre Book 2 x tee times between Monday & Friday.
o 6 Day Member – Allowed to Pre Book 2 x tee Times between Sunday & Friday.
o 7 Day Member- Allowed to Pre Book 2 x tee times all week.
o If there are any spare tee times over the weekend, then 5- & 6-day members will be able to book these on the day.

Arrival and waiting to play

• We are asking all golfers to only turn up 15 mins before your pre-booked tee time so that we can manage social distancing. If you arrive earlier than this, please wait in your car.

Trolley Store – England Golf have proposed clubs and trolleys stored at golf clubs are taken home. Can we suggest the next time you come to the club to play golf you take your clubs and trolley home afterwards.

Pro Shop – The Pro Shop will remain closed for now but will offer goods on the 1st tee with distancing measures in place.

Buggies – Buggies are available for one person hire only. Strict sanitisation between all hires will take place.

Practice Ground – This will be classed as a separate area and members will be able to pre book 1-hour slots (maximum 2 per week) to use this facility by calling the Pro Shop during the day. (The undercover bays will be closed).

Putting Green – This area will be split into two sections and only golfers with a reserved Tee time will be abler to use the area before they 10 minutes before they Tee off


Golfers are reminded to stay more than 2 metres apart from others on the course (those playing other holes, ground staff and walkers) when walking to the ball, searching for a ball, and playing shots.

Please also do not touch stray golf balls.

Bunkers will be in play and members are asked to use their club or foot to smooth out the sand.


All golfers are reminded that social distancing is as important after a round as it is during the round, so when the round is over you must leave the course and the club/facility immediately so that there are no gatherings around the clubhouse area.

As the Government release more information, we will review our procedures and update members accordingly to ensure golf is played safely. It is important that we all comply with these rules at this time to ensure the safety of our members and staff.