A Meesage from the Club President

Fellow members,

Just a quick update to let you know that Sickleholme Golf Club is still here and ,whilst in lockdown, the work goes on to keep the course and clubhouse in peak condition and ready for our use and enjoyment when we are allowed to open.

Patrick and Simon are on duty three days per week each so the office is open 6 days .if you have any enquiries, queries, questions, suggestions, complaints ? contact Patrick or Simon as normal by phone or email and it will be dealt with their usual efficiency. Patrick is working Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and Simon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

We are lucky that the weather is so good and definitely Spring like and unlucky that we can’t actually get out on the course to enjoy it. I am sure you are all missing it as much as I am.

Matt tells us the course is in very good condition and this period of non usage is allowing him time to try things which would be impossible if the course were open as usual. All of which he feels and we feel will enable us to come roaring back with an even more delightful and enjoyable course when the brakes come off.

I will ask Matt if he will give us an update on what is happening on the course as we go into this busy growing season to keep us all in the picture and more importantly give us something positive to look forward to at the end of this unhappy period.

“Nil carborundum desperandum” We will get back???

John Lomas