Seniors Open Results - June 7th 2021

Senior Open Results 

All Prize winners will be contacted and their vouchers posted to them.

1st D Sykes & I Wood                                44pts        

2nd D Adshead & M Cox                            42pts 

3rd Mr Finney & Mr Pilmmer                       41pts 

4th R Granger & D Pye                              41pts 

5th C Crocker & J Freeborough                  40pts 

6th P Doxy & S Hudson                             39pts 

7th M Amatt & P Davies                            39pts 

8th A Nicholls & M Benjamin                      39pts 

9th D Thomas & E Hartley                         39pts 

10th G McGibbon & A Sworowski                38pts 


Nearest Pin 18th M Plimmer 33”            Dozen Balls