February Nature Notes 2021

Sickleholme Nature Notes

There was some minor confusion last month in that whilst the January 2021 notes were passing through the club archive, they had transmogrified into those for the previous year when they arrived on the website. Happily, Simon quickly sorted that out, so I do hope that the members who read the notes were able to catch up with the right article.

Having mentioned the Copper Beech tree planted in memory of Neil Fletcher, I used last month’s photographic space for an image of what we hoped the tree would look like in years to come. We now have an image of “Neil’s Tree”, taken soon after planting, which is included this month.

Another topic that I focused on recently was our wide range of autumn fungi. That prompted Chris Littlewood to report finding some large Horse Mushrooms Agaricus arvensis on the course. I find myself supressing the exact location, as my book describes them as “edible and excellent”!

Contributions during February were obviously restricted to those with legitimate reasons to be on the course or who live close enough to walk the footpaths. To that extent, therefore, I can only speculate as to what flora have already appeared. Trevor and Sue Hoyland did, however, find Lesser Celandine on 21st and there were more in flower by the end of the month. With the promise that we should be back playing golf from 29 March then my next summary may have much more to report. Let’s hope so.

Bryan Barnacle