April Greens Report

Members, please find my latest Green Keepers Report below.

Thankfully we are starting to see signs of growth & some recovery. I'm happy to say we are now in a position where we can cut the greens twice a week with rolling being carried out at every available opportunity. Unfortunately the recent heavy rain has hindered recovery and some area's have damage from excessive rain, but if allowed, with rest these should recover quickly. 

Last Monday saw the first of three light dressings to the greens, the next two dressings will be carried out over the next two weeks (weather permitting). Mower heights have now been reduced towards our summer height. The frequency of mowing will also increase until full summer mowing is reached and the first of our wetting agent applications will be applied.

All tee's and aprons have been fertilised and we are now playing our full summer. We aim to remove “placing” for the first round of the “Spring Bowl”. 

The fairways have been treated for moss and all the fairways and semi rough has been scarified. 

The bunker on the left hand side of the 4th green has been dug to a depth of around 6ft which is how far we needed to go to get through the mighty clay soil. We have flushed the exciting drainage pipe out, added additional drainage. We have added a layer of stone as a sump and covered this with Astro turf to prevent sand contamination. We have then added drainage sand (approx one tonne) onto the Astro turf, this has then been compacted with the Whacker plate. Bunker sand has then been added to a finish. Hopefully this drainage work will stop this troublesome bunker flooding.


Owing to the age of our system we have many issue with bursts being only one of them. Over the next few weeks we will be cleaning out the new pump fitted in the "burn" (stream in England) testing and replacing sprinklers, identifying and repairing any bursts (3 so far) hopefully all in time for "summer".

I hope you have found these reports interesting and informative, Thank you for reading.

Play well

Matt (Head Green keeper)