Dress Code

On the course

Dress of an acceptable standard is to be worn on the course. Denim jeans, track suits or jogging suits are not permitted. Shorts are required to be tailored and knee length, collarless shirts or football attire are not allowed. Shirts must be worn inside trousers/shorts. Trousers must not be tucked into socks.


In the Clubhouse

Smart casual dress to be worn in the bar and lounge.  On formal occasions, jacket with collar and tie to be worn in the dining room.   Shorts are allowed in the Club House before 7.00pm and in the Snooker Room after 7 p.m. 



Shower towels are available but on busy days it is advisable to bring your own.


Members are reminded that they are responsible for their guests’ compliance with the dress code.


Please note that Mobile Telephones must not be used on the Course or in the Clubhouse except in an emergency.